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As you consider your direct mail campaign, it is helpful to understand the importance of the different components in your overall success. As you can see, it is most important to reach the right people with the right offer.

40/40/20 Breakdown

  • 40% Identifying and reaching your best audience
  • 40% The offer or call to action
  • 20% The graphics, paper and everything else
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Plan Plan Plan

Planning, production and mailing take time, so get MPX involved early. A mailing project should start 4-6 weeks before you want people to receive their mail.

  • 2-3 weeks to plan project and purchase list
  • 1 week to print the project
  • Allow 7-10 days the piece to be in the mail

Overwhelmed? We’ve got you! Click the link for a digital download or ask us for a hard copy of our reference book, “The MPX Guide to Direct Mail Marketing Success.”

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