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Phil Kotula / Founder & Owner

When Phil Kotula opened the doors of what is now The MPX Group back in 1987, the printing business was significantly different from when he began it as a small Minuteman Press shop in Plymouth’s Four Seasons Mall. All the printing was done on offset presses, stripping with rubylith, opaquing negatives, cutting and pasting type, and making camera stats. Floppy discs were cool, and not a Mac to be found. His goal is still to provide a great client experience and help our clients grow while using all the cutting edge technology that is available today.

For Phil, he has two sets of families, those at home and those at work. As founder and one of the owners of The MPX Group, Phil believes in balancing the two, encouraging his team to indulge in their passions and set priorities that don’t overlook the importance of family. It’s a simple philosophy, happier employees lead to happier clients.

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